We Provide Opportunities for Homeschool Students

Quality Sports Programs

Home school athletes sometimes feel that they may miss out on the opportunities that public and private high schools offer for their development. The KC East Lions team answers that concern! Kansas City is exploding with two wonderful things: home educators and great student-athletes! We invite you to join us and investigate what we can offer you!


Values of Home Educators

Our sons and daughters will learn the value of teamwork and an appreciation of the diversity in our backgrounds, ages, and skills. We will work together and we will pray together. We will go through adversity together. We will respect one another and see the glory of God shine in the abilities and gifts that He has given to each of us.

Experiences beyond the Game

These young men and women – through the Lions – have a place to belong and will establish friendships that will last far beyond the season. Families bond with other families as we enjoy watching these athletes grow before our eyes.


Preparation for Life after School

The Lions provide life-lessons and build discipline and character. If you are pursuing a college education in the coming years, playing with the Lions gives you experience helpful for college admissions (extra-curricular involvement, Varsity letters, and service opportunities). The Lions offer a great opportunity to prepare for the next level.